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Divan Labuschagne Hunting Safaris, short DL- Safaris is founded by Professional Hunter Divan Labuschagne in the great country Namibia. 

DL- Safaris is Napha member. Registered by NTB & MET.

We conduct hunts in ethical fair chase manner. Plains game hunting in the semi Kalahari Bushveld or Dangerous Game hunting in the Zambezi and over the borders of Namibia in Mozambique or Botswana.

Our Golden Rules on our Hunting Safaris:


- Respect - Ethical- Sustainable - Quality - Team - Experience - Support


Hunting is not just about the Trophy, the Trophy is your reminder at the end of the day, to remind the adventure, the hard work, the experience. 
We want to bring you closer to our nature.

Wildlife is pushed to there limits by human, we try to get back animals in there habitat on a free range base, by giving them a value through hunting. 

You can be part of this.


Divan & Julia Labuschagne







 Some Basic Informations :

Namibia's Trophy hunting season opens 1st of February and closes 30th of November each year.

 Seasons in Namibia

  • Dry season in Namibia is from May to October.

  • Winter months from May to August

  • Rainy season usually starts November to April

Temperature in Namibia - Winter months the night are cold and can drop to below 10 Degrees and day time on average 24-28 Degrees.
Namibia's winters can be very cold and be sure to pack warm clothing because the mornings will be very chilly. For our summer is very hot and make sure to pack sunblock of at least 30spf.


 Your Hosts speak English, Afrikaans and German.



Tel Divan: 0813650211
Tel Julia: +264811581040
P.O. Box 1817
Gobabis, Namibia